Getting Closer (3 Weeks)!

I can’t believe that I will be departing for England in just three weeks from today. The whole concept still feels more like an idea rather than a reality. I honestly don’t think it will set in until I consider returning home for a long weekend, then realize I’m no longer a short train ride away in Boston.

Despite the fact that this trip doesn’t seem real, preparations are in full swing. I received my passport a couple of months ago and fortunately I do not have to apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa due to the fact that I will be studying in England for less than six months. I recently received my accommodation offer and I will be living in a flat with a shared kitchen but I will have my own room with an ensuite bathroom! I’m extremely excited to not have to share a bathroom with an entire floor of girls! Although, I don’t think it will be easy to readjust when I get back to Emmanuel in the Spring…

Now packing is the really stressful part. Last night I tried to make a detailed list of everything I was going to pack and I’m not entirely sure that it will all fit in my suitcase… Additionally I’m really struggling with the shoe situation (typical girl problem I guess). When I went to pre-departure orientation, the study abroad advisors suggested that we only take one or two pairs of comfortable shoes… I don’t think they’ve met me because that is clearly not going to work. Oh well, I have three weeks to figure it out. Ah, three weeks! I’m so excited and I know this time is going to fly by!



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