My first solo flight!

I successfully survived my first solo flight! For somebody who has very little flying experience this is a very big deal. I am a very independent person so doing things on my own doesn’t normally freak me out, but I couldn’t help but think that I was going to get stuck at security or immigration. Fortunately, neither security nor immigration was a problem and I have successfully entered the United Kingdom! Yay for kind airport staff! Other than those things, I find flying to be an absolutely amazing phenomenon. It’s incredible that these massive machines can carry us high above the earth and take us to incredibly far places in just hours! Ahhh, flying is so cool! Okay, I will stop being a nerd now…


Anyway, I had a pretty good flight. I was given a little pillow and blanket, the food was mostly edible, the airline had a great game, movie, and music selection to keep me entertained, and I was seated next to a really kind British woman. Unfortunately an airplane isn’t the most comfortable place to sleep so I only managed to take about a 45 minute nap. I did, however, wake up to a beautiful view of the sunrise over a blanket of fluffy clouds.


After a quick little breakfast, we began descending into England as I endured a terrible earache (truly the worst part of flying, but I’m learning to expect it and accept it).


I was then greeted by ISA staff with a lovely piece of chocolate 🙂


Hours later my group and I left the airport and headed to our accommodations. My flat has a great view.



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