Eating Fresh, Shopping Local (Borough Market)

Here in in the city of London, grocery stores are often small (in comparison to those in the United States) and some may not have a very large selection of fresh food. Often times locals choose to go to city markets in order to purchase fresh produce, meats, breads, and other various items (including clothing, home goods, and decor at certain ones). There are various markets all over the city and I am very fortunate to live near Borough Market, which is a massive food market. It is AMAZING!


For me, as a poor college student, the best part is the free samples! A lot of stands put out free samples in order to entice the customers into purchasing their product. For me, this means that if I get enough free samples I won’t have to buy or make lunch…hehe… As soon as my roommate and I entered the market, we were called over by a man who was selling honey. He had us try every single flavor that he was selling… most of them were quite delicious but I definitely consumed a lot of sugar!


We walked around the market for nearly two hours sampling award-winning cheeses (including the best mozzarella I have ever eaten),breads, pastries, chocolates, oils, vinegars, juices, and so much more! I also sampled an incredibly delicious pumpkin tortellini as well as the best hamburger I have ever had! In addition there were produce stations, meat stations, and numerous stands that were selling hot meals (something that many local workers were taking advantage of during their lunch break).

Turkish Delight (first time trying it)



I never knew there could be so many different kinds of mustard!
Adorable Meat Pies!

In the end I had consumed enough free samples to create a meal, but of course I had to purchase a chocolate croissant anyway. I also bought a few fruits and vegetables but I didn’t want to overdo it because I didn’t want anything to spoil before I could finish it. The Borough Market is definitely a place I will be going to regularly during my stay here!


P.S. Uncle Paul and Zachary (if you’re reading this), you would love this place!


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