Louis Vuitton Series Exhibition

London is an incredible city, thriving in countless industries. The fashion industry is extremely relevant and exciting at the moment as we are in the midst of London Fashion Week! This means the center of London is full of models, designers, and fashion lovers from all over the world celebrating creativity, self-expression, and beautifully crafted garments. Of course I do not have any sort of status in the fashion world, therefore I will not be invited to any runway shows nor will I have the opportunity to meet Cara Delevingne (British supermodel). However, there are other ways for us mere common-folk to celebrate the occasion.


The Louis Vuitton Series Exhibition is temporarily located right next to my campus, so I conveniently stopped in after class. I wasn’t entirely sure what it would consist of but everything that has free admission is worth going to! Regardless, it was so amazing that I would have paid for it (and I’m often quite stingy with money). The entire exhibit was beautifully constructed. The attractions were spread out in a minimalist style, which was perfect because often times exhibits can feel a bit overwhelming. In contrast, the design of the exhibit was so abstract that it was unbelievably captivating. I understand that this might not make sense, unfortunately it is one of those things that you have to experience yourself  in order to truly understand.



In the end, the exhibit leads to a wall of stickers, each one containing an image of a beautifully designed Louis Vuitton accessory piece. Not only is admission free, but I was allowed to take two accessory stickers and two stickers representing my initials (I will most likely put these on my laptop case). Immediately afterwards I entered the final room in which every inch of the walls are covered in images of models and designs. There, I was given a free poster (also beautifully designed)! I really hope I can fit it in my suitcase without destroying it because I really want to hang it in my bedroom at home…

The poster would have been too complicated to take a proper picture of….

Maybe it’s just because I am an easily inspired person (despite the fact that I lack many skills), but I found the exhibit to be incredible. If I could draw, I would probably be trying to start my design career at the moment instead of writing this post and if I was tall enough I would probably be researching agencies or something…Oh well, a girl can dream… and dream I will do.

The runway room created such an exciting atmosphere…all I wanted to do was put on some heels and strut…haha.

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