A Day in Brighton

Brighton, located in the south of England, is a beautiful beach town that attracts visitors from all over the country. It’s also a popular location for Londoners who are looking for a day out to shop, grab lunch, and walk around but want a break from the city. I recently had the pleasure of visiting the town with my study abroad group and I absolutely loved it!


The very first thing we did in Brighton was take a tour of The Royal Pavilion, a former royal residence (it’s now owned by the town) initially constructed for King George IV. It was fascinating to see and learn about its history, but the entire design  of the building is quite confusing. The outside was inspired by Indian architecture and the inside was inspired by Chinese design…but some rooms were quite plain… I didn’t quite understand the overall vision.


Next we went to the Brighton Pier, a fun environment with food, games, rides, and a great view of the coastline. There, I had fish and chips for the first time since arriving in England and I’m so glad that I waited until I was in Brighton to eat one of Great Britain’s most popular dishes. The fish was so fresh and delicious (they catch it daily)!



After spending time on the pier, my friends and I walked along the pebble beach, enjoying the beautiful day.


Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to poke around in all of the adorable little shops (the downfall of a program trip is that we have to head back home rather early), but I had a nice day and I hope I get the chance to return!


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