5 Things that I noticed about London

During my stay in London I kept a journal that I sporadically wrote in… At one point (within the first month) I had made a list of random things that I had noticed about London and here are just a few. Stay tuned for part two…


Nobody knows which side of the ‘foot path’ (sidewalk) we are supposed to walk on.  

           In most cities there is a universal understanding that one walks on the right side, but in a city where the cars drive on the left side everyone gets a little bit confused. Do we follow suit with the cars and walk on the left? Add in a few thousand tourists from all over the world and we just have a bunch of people nearly bumping into each other on every street corner.

Everything is on platforms.

I felt like I always had to take a step up wherever I went. The bus seats are on platforms, many toilets are on platforms (why is that necessary?), and from one room to the next in shops and restaurants there is often a single step upward.

The computer key boards are different.

The keyboards aren’t drastically different, just an exchange and reordering of some symbols. Although, it was enough to slow me down quite a bit the first time I tried to do homework on the computer in my university’s library.

Restaurants and grocery stores with a wall of prepared foods are extremely common.

This is super convenient for business people on the go and students on a budget. Rather than sitting down at a restaurant for lunch, one can just stop in to one of these shops and purchase an inexpensive pre-made sandwich or soup.

Food is cheaper if you order it as take-away.

In many of the quick stop restaurants like Pret A Manger, I often chose take away and ate my food elsewhere rather than sitting in because it was cheaper. I believe there is an eating-in tax that causes the price difference but I’m not entirely sure. Besides, I would much rather eat outside in the Somerset House courtyard on a beautiful sunny day than eat in.


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