Tour of the BBC Broadcasting House

The other day I had the super cool opportunity to take a break from endless essay writing to take of a tour of the BBC Broadcasting House in central London. I know what your thinking… essays while studying abroad? Yes, apparently there’s a lot more emphasis on the “study” part of this program than most people think.


Anyway, the broadcasting house is the home to BBC News (domestic and world news) and BBC Radio. It was really cool to take a tour and see a little of what goes on behind the scenes of the media industry. I was mostly excited about the hands-on aspects of the tour because anyone who knows me knows how much I like to perform! Here is a video of me doing a fake news cast (the teleprompter moved slower than I read it, so at one point I got a little stuck, haha)!

At the end of the tour we had another opportunity to partake in a hands-on activity, but I didn’t participate in the radio play in order to give other people an opportunity.


And for another insight into the broadcasting house, here is a small concert hall in which some amazing artists have done performances (like Ed Sheeran)! It’s small and the artists get paid very little (currently 71 pounds for a BBC performance), but it’s great for publicity!


Fun Fact: The old broadcasting house (attached to the new one) was key for communication during WWII!