Souvenirs from Europe

I had such a wonderful semester studying abroad in London. I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to live in such a great city as well as the opportunities to travel around Europe.

Here are some of the souvenirs that I collected throughout my four months abroad:

Youtube: Eden Jayne


Reading Week: Prague and Berlin

This past week was reading week at King’s College London, marking the halfway point in the semester. KCL students were encouraged to use this week to catch up on or get ahead on readings and term papers, but naturally I used my freedom from lectures and seminars to, once again, travel outside of England.

This week my flatmates and I traveled to the cities of Prague and Berlin, spending a few days in each city. I absolutely loved both cities and I highly recommend both as vacation destinations! Being in Prague felt like being in a fairytale, it is such a beautiful city. Berlin has a tremendous amount of history, delicious food, and welcoming people (who have surprisingly sweet accents, not angry ones like many of us perceive from movies).

I decided to document a little bit of my travels in video form in order to give you a glimpse into these amazing cities.

P.S. Naturally I used a song from Disney’s “Tangled” since it is supposed to be set in Germany 🙂