The Most Magical Day: Harry Potter Studio Tour

Yesterday I finally got to take a tour of the Harry Potter Studio in England and it was such an incredibly magical experience!

I just had to share this amazing experience with you all in video form! I know I am going love looking back on this for years to come!

Here are just a couple final thoughts that I failed to mention in the video blog:

1) I loved how all of the of the sets were decorated to depict the wizarding world during Christmas time! I feel so lucky to have had the chance to tour in December!
2) Seeing the sets was such a cool experience. I spent most of the time trying to imagine what it was like during filming, something that both fascinates and excites me. I wish I could have been part of the movie making magic!

I know it’s longer than my other videos, but I promise it is way more fun! Enjoy!


Reading Week: Prague and Berlin

This past week was reading week at King’s College London, marking the halfway point in the semester. KCL students were encouraged to use this week to catch up on or get ahead on readings and term papers, but naturally I used my freedom from lectures and seminars to, once again, travel outside of England.

This week my flatmates and I traveled to the cities of Prague and Berlin, spending a few days in each city. I absolutely loved both cities and I highly recommend both as vacation destinations! Being in Prague felt like being in a fairytale, it is such a beautiful city. Berlin has a tremendous amount of history, delicious food, and welcoming people (who have surprisingly sweet accents, not angry ones like many of us perceive from movies).

I decided to document a little bit of my travels in video form in order to give you a glimpse into these amazing cities.

P.S. Naturally I used a song from Disney’s “Tangled” since it is supposed to be set in Germany 🙂

J’aime Paris!


This past weekend I took a trip to Paris with my flat mates and I had an absolutely amazing time! I hope I can return to this beautiful city one day!

So in an attempt to try something new and exciting, I decided to create a video blog (vlog) of my weekend. It’s really not the best, but I didn’t want to waste the effort that I put into it by not uploading. This is my first attempt at creating a vlog, so I’m still in the learning process! Enjoy! Au revoir!