Exploring Windsor

Another weekend, another excursion! One of the things that I have been loving is taking trips to see various parts of England. London is absolutely amazing, but it’s often nice to take a break from the busy city. Although I only spent a short time there, the town of Windsor has definitely been one of my favorite “city escapes” thus far. Not only did it meet my expectations of a cute, traditional English town, but for a tourist destination it was quite peaceful (perhaps that’s a benefit of visiting in October).

For those of you who don’t know, Windsor is the home to Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite royal residence, Windsor Castle. She spends many weekends here and she happened to be in residence when my group and I toured the castle (we did not see her of course)! Of  course with any royal residence in the United Kingdom, the traditional “Changing of the Guards” occurs every morning at 11:00AM. It’s like a little parade every single day!

I absolutely loved exploring Windsor Castle. The grounds were so spacious and beautiful; just imagine growing up here!

The castle also has such incredible views! I absolutely loved seeing all of the fall foliage; it made me feel at home. Unfortunately, while in the center of London where I spend most of my time, I do not get to experience the beautiful autumn scenery like I do in New England. It was so comforting to see it again, even if just for a little while.

After exploring the castle, my flatmate and I ventured down a cute little alleyway in which we stumbled upon the Clarence Brasserie & Tea Room. We got sandwiches and the cutest pots of tea!

We then spent the rest of the day exploring the streets, shops, and parks and ultimately enjoying the beautiful autumn scenery.